Stacy McArdle 

UFOs - page 2


On Thursday, October 4th, 2018 at around 8:30pm, my friend Katt and I were sitting on my deck drinking coffee and watching the skies. Our intent was to watch for UFOs in a casual manner this time. We have done this enough that we can tell the difference between planes, the ISS, satellites and the currently unidentifiable. It was a pretty clear sky at this particular time. We saw a few shooting stars. Afterwards, we started to really focus in on our intention.  We used a flashlight to flash that we were here in hopes to communicate, while meditating with the intent of making that contact. We have had lots of success doing this (so simple) in conjunction with playing the Mt. Shasta tones available on Dr. Greer's ET Contact Tool iPhone app. I have noticed that a lot of other people in the field choose this particular tone as well

Not long after, we received 2 flashes in the sky very close to the area we flashed our light in, as dim as ours must have been. Their lights were very bright and white, and much larger than anything else in the sky (except for the moon). There was no visible activity there prior or after - no explanation. 

Shortly after, I noticed what looked like shooting stars but they appeared to shoot straight up into the sky. Who knows, maybe an optical illusion there. 

We felt content with that experience and felt our mission was a success. We continued to sit outside and look out into the park behind my house that was in our direct view. I went inside to warm up our coffees. Just as I returned to the deck, Katt whispered to me that someone had just appeared in the park. She elaborated that she was looking at that very spot and that they just materialized out of nowhere. That area of the park was lit by the surrounding homes enough to be able to see if anyone approached that location. She was unnerved. We laughed quietly how weird stuff always happens when we are together and continued to watch the person closely. I figured she must have missed them walking into that area, even though she swore she didn't - I mean, what else could it be? Note: Even though the park has signs stating it is closed after dusk, the occasional person passes through after hours from time to time. As we both watched this person, we could see them enough to estimate they appeared to be male and around 6'5". Lean. There was not enough light, however, to see facial features. Looked more like a black silhouette. Suddenly, he pulled out what we first assumed was a phone or tablet as we saw a bright white light appear around their mid section (Wasn't flashlight shaped). That lit the area even more. Then, as we were both watching, the person and the while light simply disappeared. We would have been able to see them leave the area in any direction they chose - but they simply vanished!

I took my flashlight and pointed it in the area and surrounding areas but couldn't see anyone. We became very silent in hopes we could hear them walking through the grass or on the gravel from the trail. Total silence. We discussed how it literally was like the person dematerialized on the spot. But, how could that be? We drank our coffee and stared out into the park confused.

About 15 minutes later, a beach-ball sized light just appeared out of nowhere too - very close to where that person had been, maybe 5'-10' feet behind where they had been! From my deck it looked that size. It was super bright, ice crystal white - a white unlike any of the lights in the neighborhood we could see. We both looked at each other and I exclaimed it looked just like a star, but on the ground. She said that was exactly what it looked like to her. The light was like a starburst, many points/rays off of a ball of light and it pulsated and glimmered. It was absolutely beautiful! We got to study it for a good 5 minutes. It always looked like a star; even though the rays were pulsating it didn't change shape. We got up and looked all around it, above it too, and could see no light trail, no explanation as to what it was. I decided to go out my front door and down the trail (I block the stairs to my deck, so I had to go out through the front).  I wanted to see the source of it and determine if someone was indeed out there or if it was a reflection, puddle of water, etc. Katt stayed on the deck. As I passed her, we both said we could still see it. I was maybe 20' from it when it completely disappeared. I spun around and looked up, yet I could see nothing. I walked to where it had been and put my flashlight on it but nothing reflective or anything but grass was there. I flashed my light in all directions of the park but found nothing and no one. 

As I walked back to the house I felt weird but couldn't explain the feeling. Perhaps I was just surprised but it felt more like being watched. Back on the deck, Katt said she knew that star ball was going to disappear as soon as I got that close. We never saw it again that night. We went over our experiences and we were both certain as to what we saw and that we could not come up with any explanations.

In the morning, I got dressed and walked out into the park. It had rained overnight but I went to the grassy area where we saw both the figure and the star ball of light. There were no crop circles, no burn marks from a landed craft, and no objects in the area that could have caused what we saw either. The park had been mowed recently, but before our sightings, and the mower lines could still be seen. There were now 3 round spots in the grass where something had pressed the grass down and the blades of grass were turned in a different direction. I cannot possibly say this is related. Could have been an animal. However, I have placed photos below in case it is relevant.  

1st picture is a quick & very basic painting of what we saw - impossible for me to replicate the ice crystal brightness & elegance of it (this is a very crude rendering). 2nd picture is the area of the park from the sightings. Next 3 pictures show the grass pattern changes, though no idea if even related to sightings. 

It should be noted that about 2 months ago I thought I saw something like this in the park in a different spot but it too disappeared and I had just assumed there must be an explanation. Even though I was sky watching that night too, I didn't expect to see something on the ground. After seeing it up close, I cannot explain this. 

This is the SAME park we saw the March 31, 2017 UFO in.