I was with my parents traveling from Las Vegas to Sedona via car. It was mid-morning. My mother was sleeping in the back. My father was driving. I had been watching out the front passenger window most of the time and then decided to read a book I brought about Sedona vortices. We were just passing through the Flagstaff area when I telepathically was told to look straight up from my book, that there was a UFO above us. Indeed, when I looked up I saw a bell-shaped craft cloaked in cloud cover technology. I was further informed, telepathically, that “they” were giving me a download to be activated at a later date. I did not feel the need to question this as it just felt as right as someone trustworthy telling it to my face.

I pointed it out to my father, telling him there was a UFO above us. He agreed it looked like one. However, he really didn’t pay much attention except to say something like, “Oh, neat” out of consideration. He is used to me talking about them.

I do not know what this “download” I received is yet. 

The images: You can see the round knob at the top of the UFO and panels peaking through the cloud covering. Cloud cloaking technology has been reported as a real thing by many UFO researchers like David Wilcock and Corey Goode, among other military whistleblowers & ufologists, but there are not many photos out there as evidence. These are the best ones I have personally seen.  

I have attached four photos I took from inside the car as we were moving down the highway. I have only *slightly* enhanced the brightness. Nothing else has been done to these photos.

Note: There is a black spot at the top of all my photos and that is only something that is wrong with my iPhone camera. Lenticular clouds has been suggested to me by non-ufologists as the possible culprit, but I clearly see window panels on this shape, for one. 


On Friday, March 31, 2017, my friend Katt and I were sitting in my basement talking about the latest Cosmic Disclosure episode (on Gaia) when I noticed a very large, bright light suddenly appear in the sky. I was sitting in a chair that overlooks the park behind my house in Huntley, IL. The unexplained beacon was coming from the sky over the far right-hand side of park over some trees. Katt was on my couch, and if she turned her head to the right she could see the park. It was early evening and the sun was already at the tree line.

I got out of my chair and opened the sliding glass door to my patio. As I walked out, I saw that there was something emerging from that bright light. I could see it was a craft, a UFO. As that bright light got dimmer, a completely different sky behind the UFO came into view! It looked as though our sky was pulled apart by two unseen hands to allow this craft through. That sky color was not the same shade of blue as ours. It appeared to be of a different time of day due to the lighter shade and brightness. There was a major contrast to our sky’s for the time of day, in other words.

The craft coming out was rectangular in shape, thin, and gun-metal grey in color, with a little more emphasis on black. There were 3 white lights turned on in the front – 1 at left, at center and at right. The craft was coming out of the slit, which I assume must be a portal, at a right-angled tilt. As it fully emerged, the slit instantly disappeared! At that point, the craft gracefully straightened out in the sky.

Katt is now on the patio with me. She clearly sees the craft.

At this point, I want to mention something even more surprising. Neither of us were jumping up and down, nervous or excited, running inside to grab our camera phones, or talking to one another about it. Rather, in a very zen (calm) manner, both of us simply watched.
We also noticed that there wasn’t a single other person in sight. Strange for a public park and residential area between 6-6:45pm. Additionally, there was no shadow cast by this craft at any point while we saw it - but the sun being low, at tree line, could be the explanation.

Very slowly, it moved over the park towards my house, towards us. About ¼ of the way to my house is stopped in mid air and hovered. When this happened, the center light turned off. It hovered there for several seconds. That is when we truly saw how large this machine was. It was sitting only about 2 adult-tree levels above the ground. I would be estimating but it looked to be about the size of a high school football field, without the stands.

While it hovered, I got a very strong telepathic message that it wasn’t just that they wanted to make sure we saw them. They wanted to make sure that we understood that they saw us as well. It wasn’t threatening in any way, but I never figured out why they wanted that. Both of us feel as though we received a ‘download’ of some sort during this experience, but we have no idea what it is.

Eventually, it started moving again, coming straight our way. Speaking later, we discovered we both thought it might pick us up at this time.

As it arrived right in front of us, we heard an ever-so-slight hum. We heard no sound prior to that. That is how silent this thing moved. The hum sounded more energetic than mechanical. Unlike any sound I have heard from an aircraft before. We could see no windows, but there must have been, right?

As it moved directly over us and my house, we got a great view of the bottom of this craft! I noticed there were panels underneath. I was thinking to myself that I was surprised about that… that if this was an advanced craft, and it surely was, why wouldn’t it be seamless? That’s when I received an answer telepathically. The answer didn’t come out like a sentence, rather as more of an idea. The basic idea was that it is much easier to make repairs when there is easier access. This idea did not come from me.

Then I started wondering who was behind this. Were these time travelers, the government with a secret ship, aliens, some top secret drone, was I on a Star Wars set, or was it just a hologram?

As the craft passed over the roof of my house, we took one last look and just walked back inside and sat down. We were calm yet dazed. For approximately half an hour we said and did nothing. We then went on with the rest of our evening as normal as if nothing too spectacular happened. In fact, I think we were more excited about getting McDonald’s later that evening.

It took us around 2 weeks to ‘wake up’ and realize what had actually happened to us. All of a sudden, within a day of one another, we were full of questions and thoughts about it. We both realized we never wrote a single note about it, never recorded our experience on a tape recorder, and never made a detailed drawing while the moment was the most vivid in our minds. We never even talked to one another about it at depth. Seriously?! We’re both way smarter than that!

Better yet, the day it happened we just let the UFO pass over my house and went back inside to sit? Why didn’t one of us run inside and get a camera/phone? Why didn’t we run through the house to meet it on the other side? Why didn’t we get in my car and follow it? Why the lack of interest?

I mean, I used to be a paranormal investigator in the 1990s. Thus, I knew the importance of collecting as much data as possible. Additionally, I’ve been reading books on UFOs / aliens and watching related shows for years – yet, I couldn’t have shown less excitement or diligence. Not to mention, I had already seen 2 other UFOs and showed immediate enthusiasm.

Another perplexing question… I live in a residential area that surrounds a public park. We didn’t see anyone in the park or its parking lot, or in neighboring yards when this event happened. Why is no one else in Huntley talking about this? It can’t possibly be that no one else here saw this, right? I checked area message boards and other online sites. I asked a set of neighbors who saw nothing, but surely will pretty much stay away from me from now on.

This is an interesting twist, though. I run a local interest message board on Facebook and made a post about our sighting. 1 person responded. Someone I am acquaintances with saw the UFO too! Nicole posted in reply, “My husband and I actually saw this on our way home from dinner..same time... We wondered the same thing because it looked absolutely NOT like a plane and also not like a satellite..”

Soon, I contacted many key people. Not one person responded to my emails directed to them. I am sure they are inundated with them, to be fair. It is unfortunate, however, that unless you are a government whistleblower / insider, or a regular person who experienced an actual abduction, not much of an audience is there to listen. 

Later I discovered a mistake I made in all those emails. I stated that the event date was April 1st, the day after the actual date. Then the mistake became much more problematic when it hit me that April 1st is April Fools Day. Ugg. Again, there was this fog we went through after our sighting. Was it a stupid mistake on my part or a product of this fog?

Very frustratingly, my family, who supports me very much and are open to these types of possibilities, didn’t show interest when I tried to talk about what we saw. They let me talk and then went on to discuss other things. This is not the behavior I am used to with them! It is almost as if that fog drifted to them too. A couple of months later, an immediate family member informed me that they recently had a conversation with another local who sees UFOs often in nearby Woodstock. When I asked if they told them about my sighting, they said no. Really?

I started to wonder if they didn’t believe me or if they just couldn’t comprehend the magnitude of the sighting. Even when you believe other life exists beyond our planet, it’s an entirely different thing to see something like this right in front of your face. I know I think about it every single day. I wonder if Katt does. I’ll be quizzing her later about that.

I’d like to give you a little background on me. Around 1980, which would make me 10 years old, my mother and I witnessed a UFO together. We were driving in Crivitz, Wisconsin, and marveling at the lovely sunset. We both noticed a silver, saucer-shaped craft in the sky. The sunset was reflecting off of it. Besides the stereotypical UFO-shape of it to catch our attention, it was zig-zagging around in the sky. It was moving at great speeds in one direction and then it would sharply shoot out in a different one, then another, etc. To this day, now 2018, I have never seen anything move like that in the sky.

That was the 2nd UFO my mother saw in Crivitz. In the 1960s, my mother, grandmother, and aunt were driving at night when they saw bright, colored lights in a field ahead of them. They all lost time.  


Stacy McArdle